One Year of Travel | A Summary

One Year of Travel | A Summary Mac and I were abroad for one year and four days. We were mainly in Europe with a winter-long layover in southern Spain and Morocco. On this trip we embraced a “sharing economy” -  CouchSurfing and hitchhiking (and later, House Sitting) as much as we could. Through these frugal means of travel we managed to hone our budget to a point that we were able to travel through [...]

March 2019 Travel Summary and Statistics

Month #11 – Travel Summary The month of March saw Mac and I leaving Morocco after nearly two months and heading back to Europe again. We boarded a ferry in Tangier and 54 hours later docked in Savona, Italy. It was quite the adventure to be on a boat that long, but it served its purpose in transporting us across the Mediterranean to begin our adventures in the Balkans! Related Post: Grimaldi Lines Ferry from [...]

February 2019 – Travel Summary and Statistics

Month #10 – Travel Summary Though February is a short month, Mac and I certainly managed to cram quite a few activities into its 28 days! We started off the month in the bustling city of Marrakech. Two days here were enough for us and we quickly retreated to the countryside and mountains. The highlight of the month for me was hiking Mount Toubkal – Morocco’s highest mountain. The views from the 4167m summit were [...]

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December 2018 & January 2019 – Travel Summary and Statistics

Months #8 & #9 – Travel Summary December and January were jam-packed with adventure. We spent four weeks of these two months with Mac’s parents in the Canary Islands. The rest of the time was split between southern Spain and Morocco. We started off December by finishing up our amazing house sit in Benalmadena. Not only was Benalmadena a wonderful city, it was surrounded by some incredible places too. Mac and I filled our days [...]

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2018 in Review

What a year. For me, 2018 was a year of growth, change, and adventure. Together with Mac, I quit my job, sold most of our furniture, and set out on a new open-ended adventure. We visited eight countries, hitchhiked over 5000km, and CouchSurfed with over 30 complete strangers. To say it's been a wild year would be an understatement! As Mac and I prepared to embark on our second long-term backpacking trip, I couldn’t help [...]

November 2018 – Travel Summary and Statistics

Month #7 – Travel Summary Wow! It's already December! It feels that this year has flown by - anyone else? I'm coming in hot with November's travel summary and statistics! Keep reading to find out what we got up to in month #7 of our European adventures! (Hint, they got a whole lot warmer!!) We finished up our three months in the UK with an extended stay at our friends’ house in Cambridge. Mac had [...]

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October 2018 | Travel Summary and Statistics

Month #6 | Travel Summary While September was a month of constant travel, October was a month of slowing downnnnn. We finished our tour of the Scottish Highlands and based ourselves in the Glasgow-area for a week and a half. It was SO nice to stay in one place for a full week. Afterwards, we left Scotland and re-entered England by way of the Borders in Northumberland. Our CS host was awesome and took us [...]

September 2018 | Travel Summary and Statistics

Month #5 | Travel Summary Wow, what a whirlwind of a month! Is anyone else completely shocked that it’s already October?! Yeesh! The first half of the month was spent with my dad and his friend. We tagged along with them on their golf trip and explored some lesser known areas of Scotland at the same time. Related Posts: Loch Lomond Day Trip East Coast Scottish Castles Hidden Scottish Gems You Must Visit Scottish Golf [...]