The East Side of PEI

Welcome to Part Two of my recap of our week spent driving around PEI. After getting our fill of lighthouses on the west side of the island, we headed to the east side of PEI where we encountered more red beaches and even more lighthouses!! The East Side of PEI Greenwich – Prince Edward Island National Park This spit of land is the farthest-east section of PEI National Park, and the least-visited, which is a [...]

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The West Side of PEI

Following our time spent hiking and beaching in and around New Brunswick, Mac and I took our home-on-wheels across the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island. We spent nearly a week cruising around the island, camping beside lighthouses, and getting our toes (and car) covered in the ever-permanent, standard-issue red PEI dirt. The west side of PEI is perhaps not as show-stopping or adventure-filled as the east side, but it was an excellent place to [...]

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Two Days in Kouchibouguac National Park

With our shiny new Discovery Parks pass in tow, Mac and I headed down the east coast of New Brunswick to Kouchibouguac National Park. Having spent a few days in and around the park, I can confirm that yes, “Kouchibouguac” does indeed sound like a sound you’d make during a sneeze. However, I also learned that if you say it fast enough, and with just enough of a Quebecois accent, you’ll fit in just fine. [...]

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Hiking in Mount Carleton Provincial Park

Cambellton, New Brunswick As I mentioned in my last post, New Brunswick is often called the “drive through province”. As in, there’s not much to do there except drive through it to get to somewhere else. Well Mac and I were determined to not fall into that category. As soon as we crossed the J.C. Van Horne Bridge from Point-a-la-Croix, Quebec into Cambellton, New Brunswick, we set about looking for places to hike! Fortunately it [...]

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At the End of Gaspe…

Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec Given how amazing our first adventures were in Gaspe National Park, Mac and I couldn’t wait to see what we’d find at the end of Gaspe. Our first few days of our East Coast road trip were spent following the 132 highway as it snaked along the shores of the St Lawrence. We loved the abundance of “Halte Routieres” (rest stops, often with toilets, water, and if you’re lucky, a view) that [...]

Hiking in Gaspe National Park

Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec After wandering the streets of Quebec City, we continued along the south shore of the St Lawrence towards the middle of the Gaspe Peninsula. This spit of land is roughly the size of Belgium and gets is name from the Mi’kmaq word gespe’g – meaning end, as in, the end of the land. Just under 150,000 people live on the Gaspe Peninsula and the main industries there are fishing and forestry. Though [...]

Canadian East Coast Road Trip

Canadian East Coast Road Trip After our week spent hiking in Killarney Provincial Park, Mac and I toured around southwest Ontario visiting friends and family and even trading our hiking boots for fancy clothes at my cousin's wonderful wedding. During our trips abroad we would often comment to each other how much we’d like to take the time to explore and enjoy our own country. So, in what ended up being a poetic bookmark to [...]

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One Week on the La Cloche Silhouette Trail | Killarney Park

Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario Sitting here at the dining table with a comfortable chair beneath me, muscles fully relaxed, and zero bugs buzzing around my head makes our one week on the La Cloche Silhouette Trail seem like so long ago. In late June, Mac and I decided to head north to Killarney Provincial Park to hike the 80km loop trail that circumnavigates the park. We opted to do the loop in seven days/six nights [...]

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