2019 Book List

Another year, another book list! Where are my fellow bookworms?! Continuing the trend from previous years, I found myself reading more and more non-fiction books. I even added in a few short-stories and books of poems to mix things up a bit. Thanks to a bit of travel burnout in the spring, a summer spent camping (and hiding from mosquitoes and black flies in the tent), and an autumn and winter full of a bit [...]

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2019 Recap

Well, here we are again. Not only the end of a year, but the end of a decade. This past year was a bit of a whirlwind. There was plenty of international travel as we bounced around Morocco and Europe, and even a bit of domestic travel as we explored Canada’s east coast for the first time. Autumn gave us quite the shock as we began job searching for the first time in over 2.5 [...]

Hiking in New England

Well, it's been a hot minute since I've posted consistently on this blog. But I was determined to get this last post from our East Coast Road Trip published before the end of the year! It's only 4 months late, but who's counting?! I have a few exciting posts lined up for the coming weeks - stay tuned. I hope everyone had a wonderful 2019 holiday season! ***** After an amazing and fulfilling 5+ weeks [...]

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Around the Fundy Coast

One of the last areas we explored during our road trip through the Maritime provinces was the around the Fundy Coast. The Bay of Fundy is most widely known for its massive tidal swings and stunning cliffs and rock formations. We started our journey around the Fundy Coast on the often overlooked Nova Scotia side. After a few hikes with dramatic scenery, we made the long drive around the head of the bay to New [...]

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Potpourri of Western Nova Scotia Adventures

After our tour down the eastern and southern shores of Nova Scotia, we headed inland and across the province to its northern shores. We stopped for a brief canoe trip in one of Nova Scotia’s famed National Parks, then proceeded north and west towards the coast. We stopped at a former Navy base trying to find a link to my Poppa, then continued along the Digby Neck – a long peninsula with two neighbouring islands. [...]

Nova Scotia’s Eastern and Southern Shores

After our incredible tour of Cape Breton, we continued our road trip along Nova Scotia’s Eastern and Southern shores. Those directions may seem confusing, especially given how mainland Nova Scotia follows the SW-NE axis, but a look at any tourist map will quickly make sense of it all. The Eastern shore is to the east (north?) of Halifax, and the Southern shore is to the south (west?) of Halifax. Geography aside, we had a blast [...]

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Pollet’s Cove and South-western Cape Breton

Mac and I have done a lot of hiking during our travels. There are certain hikes that stick out in my mind as clear favourites (Papa Stour and Mt Toubkal first come to mind), but our hike to Pollet’s Cove easily slides into position of one of my top 5 favourite day hikes. This magical slice of paradise is in northwest Cape Breton and it was a true highlight of our time spent on the [...]

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The East Coast of Cape Breton

After getting a taste of Cape Breton from its southern shores, it was time for us to head north and get into the nitty gritty of this rugged and incredibly scenic island. We started our tour of the East Coast of Cape Breton at a small day park in North River Bridge. At the end of a very long and winding (and pothole-filled) road, we arrived at a small picnic area. From here we hiked [...]

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